How I Met JESUS: The conversion Testimony of Watchman Ndinteh

My mother was already a born-again Christian, who had made Jesus Christ her Lord and Saviour when I was born on the 7th of May 1975.

Jesus has the power to change lives: A Testimony

“My name is Ajime Moses. I come from the Northwest Province of Cameroon. I count it a privilege to let you know how I came to know the Lord Jesus; to let you know how, for many years, I lived in sin, thinking that I was a Christian.

Jesus Christ truly delivers From Sexual Immorality: A Testimony

I belonged to a religion where I had been baptized and confirmed. At some time in my life, I began to feel a guilt deep down in me because of sin.

A Sinner Turns to Christ: A Testimony

My name is Noumsi Salomon. Noumsi means “All in the hands of God.” I am from the Western Province, specifically from Bafoussam, Cameroon.

The Conversion Testimony of Njamen Dieudonné

Praise the Lord! I am called Njamen Dieudonné. I would like to tell you what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for me.

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