Comment J’ai Rencontre JESUS : Le Témoignage de la Conversion de Watchman Ndinteh

Ma mère était déjà une chrétienne née de nouveau qui avait fait de Jésus Christ son Seigneur et Sauveur lorsque je suis né le 7 mai 1975.

Jesus has the power to change lives: A Testimony

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“My name is Ajime Moses. I come from the Northwest Province of Cameroon. I count it a privilege to let you know how I came to know the Lord Jesus; to let you know how, for many years, I lived in sin, thinking that I was a Christian.

Jesus Christ truly delivers From Sexual Immorality: A Testimony

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I belonged to a religion where I had been baptized and confirmed. At some time in my life, I began to feel a guilt deep down in me because of sin.

A Sinner Turns to Christ: A Testimony

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My name is Noumsi Salomon. Noumsi means “All in the hands of God.” I am from the Western Province, specifically from Bafoussam, Cameroon.

The Conversion Testimony of Njamen Dieudonné

There is no translation available.

Praise the Lord! I am called Njamen Dieudonné. I would like to tell you what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for me.

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