40-day Prayer and Fasting Crusade

The goal of the ministry fasting and prayer crusade is the accomplishment of our God revealed goal of Phase 3 to establish one million house churches of between 50-100 members each and led by one million leaders who obey the Bertoua prophecy and also use it to disciple those in the house churches!

40-day Prayer and Fasting Crusade

Live from Koume between 19:00 and 07:00 (GMT+1) from 18th October to 26th November, 2021

Recommended Reading on Fasting

If the Enemy cannot succeed in getting us to give up the fast before it is started, he will labour to ensure that we do not complete it. Use the excerpts below to encourage yourself and others to start and press on to the end.

Period (GMT+1)

19h - 21h

Thanksgiving, Proclamations, and Praise

Henriette Mbarga

21h - 23h

Global and national intercession on actual conditions standing on God’s way
according to 1 Timohty 2

Theodore Andoseh

23h - 01h

Praying for the goal of Phase 3:
  • Praying to raise 1000 critical leaders in whose hands the goal of Phase 3 will be accomplished as it was for brother Paul Bello in Phase 2.
  • Praying for one million leaders that are needed.
  • Praying for the accomplishment of the goal of Phase 3.

Theodore Andoseh
Esther Kouonang

01h - 03h

Praying for:
  • The revival during Phase 3.
  • The Bertoua Message for all the nations where our ministry is found. We shall pray for three (03) nations every day.

Alphonse Tawet

03h - 05h

  • The configuration of our ministry and our work during Phase 3:
  • The configuration, the work in the nations (the number of tracts and the quantities to be produced, the number of buildings).
  • We must birth out our ministry, our work, and our vision as it ought to be during Phase 3.
  • What our ministry will look like, the Headquarters, etc…. and it shall be done in a methodical way: department after department, nation after nation.

Nicolas Akoa

05h - 07h

Watch on the Ministry: protection, provision and the vision

Esther Kouonang


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